DIY Christmas Party Hairstyles for Women

With Christmas coming up and all the parties that entails – you’ll want to do something fancy with your hair. Maybe you want to put some festive berries in your braid or add some tinsel to a hair accessory. Whichever you choose – grab some inspiration from these Christmas Party Hairstyles.

1. Christmas Party Hairstyles

2. Festive Berry Braid

Never underestimate the beauty in simple styles accessorized with items such as fake berries.
source instagram

3. Christmas Tree Ribbons

With a green ribbon, you can weave a pretty Christmas tree design into a braid – this is especially great for kids.

4. Jolly Holly Clip

Bring the festivities to your hair with this jolly holly clip. It is easy to make this with the use of faux holly, some glue and a hair clip.

5. Rudolph

To look extra festive, make a Rudolph design in your hair bun with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

6. Snowman

You’ll need long hair to recreate this snowman inspired bun and it’s perfect for crazy hair day. You’ll need 3 different sizes of donut bun makers, clear elastics and bobby pins as well as decorations to kit out your snowman.
source babesinhairland

7. The Presents

Ideal if you are going to your kids Christmas party – simply accessorize a hair band with tinsel and a fake gift and voila.
source instagram

8. Candy Cane Hairstyles

Candy canes are always an acceptable way to accessorize your party hair. Begin by pulling a handful of hair in the front and pin equally on both sides and secure with pins. Pin the candy canes st the side of the hair. It looks best on curly hair.
source instagram

9. Decorative Ornament Hairstyles

A really cute way to wear Christmas on your hair – you can purchase mini baubles in most craft stores and get as creative as you like with the style.
source instagram

10. Ornament Crown

Ornament Crown
Frost yourself in a decorative crown of ornaments with this idea. You can either make a half crown – or go the whole hog and string the ornaments all through your hair.
source instagram

11. Grinchmas Ponytail

Grinchmas Ponytail
Wow everyone with this festive style. You’ll need mini ornaments, bobby pins and green and red ribbons.
source instagram

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