Easy DIY Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs

Saying goodbye to long summer nights and hello to cozy times by the fire, means that there’s a change of season. If you want to feel like the Queen of Fall – then check out these Thanksgiving Nail Art ideas that are completely inspired by all things Autumn.

1. Burgundy

A typical color to see on the fall runways is burgundy – so it’s a great one to incorporate in your mani. You can use a leaf decal on an accent nail to set the theme.
source instagram

2. Candy Corn Dotticure

A dotticure is perfect when you want to incorporate a couple of colors on your nail. This design is inspired by the sweet candy corn colors and call be worn at anytime throughout fall. You’ll need yellow, orange and white nail polish as well as a dotting tool and toothpick for the smaller dots and you can use the used the bottom of a brush for the large dots.
source instagram

3. Fall Palette

4. Halloween Colors

5. ILNP Shades

6. Leaves

7. Nude Bling

8. Orange Jewel

9. Tiny Pumpkin

The tiny pumpkin set agains the black and white stripes backdrop makes this the cutese fall manicure.
source instagram

10. Easy Pumpkin Nail Art

To recreate these pumpkins, you will need a red and orange nail polish and a fine tip brush for details.
source youtube

11. Scarecrow Mani

12. Scarecrow Stitches

13. Tree and Leaves

14. Turkey Dots

15. Turkey Tartan

16. Turkey Tip

17. Autumn Fall Leaves

18. Autumn Ombré Nails

19. Black & Orange

20. Black Cat Pumpkin

21. Brown Glitter Tips

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